laura, you are ins-per-a-tion

laura, i hope someday you come back and visit, but if you don’t in person, that’s cool because you’re here in soul every day. i’ve never realy known one human so specifcally inspiring to me insofaras i’ve changes courses in my life as a result of you being in my life. danny, glen & adam are others. but you, with your bike & basket, wide smile and genuine apartment… you as you are really brought me home, fuck yah laura… pedaler’s came about because i moved back to wv because of danny facebooked me & there you were, with leah & jodi, scott, alex & logan, riding around. i love charleston. i love west virginia. laura, you always have a place to rest you head here, in


One response to “laura, you are ins-per-a-tion

  1. I agree. Laura, you left a big beautiful mark on Charleston and I have to say that our city is a cooler place because of how much you did here! And Zoe, me, Scott, Danny, Leah and the rest of the gang will continue the work/play of reminding Charleston and WV of how good it is so that it is not ruined. Peace, Jodi

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