Please Vote for $5,000 for Cycling in Huntington!

Recycle bikes to be used as alternative form of Transportation.

 Cycle-Recycle of Huntington is not a project but away of life for those of us that love bikes and riding. We plan on holding bike repair classes such as fixing flats, installing bearings in wheels, chain repair an a multitude of other fascits. There will also be cart designs and actualy building of the carts. The carts will be used as trailers for those that would like to ride but need portablity. Along with these classes we will hold social activities and rides and work with local buisness and organizations, spend local, while thinking global. Also, we will encourage our youth to pass on the knowlege of how to be green freindly one pedal at a time!

**** long onto facebook and search Pedaler’s Paradise site for a post that will allow you to vote for this idea from facebook without logging into pepsi. We can vote EVERY DAY!!!!!! Please VOTE!!!!! this is $5000 to recycle bikes & get people on the road in Huntington!


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