Wish List

General Items

Steel Wool (plain, no soap)
Tubs for sorting, various sizes (think nut & bolts to handlebars)
Printer (please make sure we can find cartridges)
Paper (can have old mess-up printing on the back – recycle!)
Simple Green (or any good solvent)
WD-40 (or equivalent)
Floor cover (used canvas drop cloths)
Paint (any kind, any amount)
Utility Hooks
Dr. Bronner’s plain soap
Tooth brushes
Weekly use of a vacuum cleaner
Rags, Rags, Rags ..
… Weekly use of a washing machine

Bike Items

Patch Kits
Any old parts, pieces, tools, bits

Please keep in mind that we are focused on recycling and sustainability. Thought we appreciate the thought, please do not go to WalMart & buy some plastic tubs for us. We would Love to take the slightly worn tubs crowding your cabinets or basement. Old margarine containers are good, too! In the same vain, please feel free to donate that ½ empty can of WD-40 taking up garage space or the busted bike tubes you’ve been meaning to patch but never have gotten around to. Send us your well-used junk. We like to think of ourselves as a bicycle & alchemy shop.


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