Sustainability Fair Brain & Brawn Meet & Build

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Time: 5:05pm – 7:05pm
Location: Shop, in the ReStore

Description Spokes 4 Folks & Pedaler’s Paradise are participating in the Sustainability Fair this month! There’s plenty of oppertunity to pitch in & make a successful, respectful showing … but it’s fast approaching the tme to get our stuff together! A lot is on the line here, and we need to prove ourselves to the powers that be. It’s our first OPEN HOUSE!!!
For the next two Tuesdays, we are going to work on:

Organizing/planning the maintainance & safety presentations
Gathering/creating handouts & give-away material
Gatering Day-Of materials
Building shelves
Cleaning,Cleaning, Cleaning & painting
Creating a cool, pretty, interesting, informative space in the shop(decorating!)

I will be there on Tuesday afternoon/evening, but the auctual meeting time is 5:15 at the shop. Earlier is great too, for anyone who can make it.
THURSDAY is good too!!!

If you are going to stop by, text me at 382.9282 or CALL 720.5109 If we’re there, we’ll answer.

Please Come OuT!!!! This is PARTY PLANNING TIME!!!! And all time, of course, counts towards any bike shop volunteer hours!


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