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Pedaler’s Paradise /Build -it-up WV

Hello everyone hope you’ve had a great summer!

We have three mechanics and a group from build-it-up-WV coming in on July 27th.  They will be rebuilding bikes for our display in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore which will be sold as fundraising.  If you are interested in seeing what we are doing stop by our shop at 12pm.  Also don’t forget our benefit coming up this Sunday July 25th from  12-4 at Capitol Roasters.  They will have their counters open so can enjoy some gourmet coffee and have a bite to eat while listening to mix of  diverse music from local musicians.  We are also raffling two bikes this time!  We raised $250 at our last benefit and hope to raise more money this time around.  All money goes into tools and parts for the shop.

Bom Dia


July 2-9 hours and updates – Concerts coming up!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

We will be closed Friday July 2nd through Monday July 5th and will be tentatively open on Tuesday July 6th, closed Wednesday July 7th and open the rest of the week up trough Saturday. Hours are 10-6. Call Zoe or Scott about Tuesday hours at 304-720-5901.

July is a busy month for us. We have two benefits lined up and are having a bike raffle for each! First benefit is  Wednesday July 14th at The Empty Glass, 10:30pm-2am, and Sunday July 25th at Capitol Roasters 12pm-4pm. Join us for brunch and bicycles!

On July 15th we are having a mechanic classification course 11am-1pm and another  at 5:30pm-7:30pm.  Please call and leave a message or email us at if you have any mechanical experience and are interested in taking our course. Mechanics are needed-set your own hours and even teach clinics!

Keep updated by joining our Facebook group or follow us here for updates. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

Sustainability Fair Brain & Brawn Meet & Build

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Time: 5:05pm – 7:05pm
Location: Shop, in the ReStore

Description Spokes 4 Folks & Pedaler’s Paradise are participating in the Sustainability Fair this month! There’s plenty of oppertunity to pitch in & make a successful, respectful showing … but it’s fast approaching the tme to get our stuff together! A lot is on the line here, and we need to prove ourselves to the powers that be. It’s our first OPEN HOUSE!!!
For the next two Tuesdays, we are going to work on:

Organizing/planning the maintainance & safety presentations
Gathering/creating handouts & give-away material
Gatering Day-Of materials
Building shelves
Cleaning,Cleaning, Cleaning & painting
Creating a cool, pretty, interesting, informative space in the shop(decorating!)

I will be there on Tuesday afternoon/evening, but the auctual meeting time is 5:15 at the shop. Earlier is great too, for anyone who can make it.
THURSDAY is good too!!!

If you are going to stop by, text me at 382.9282 or CALL 720.5109 If we’re there, we’ll answer.

Please Come OuT!!!! This is PARTY PLANNING TIME!!!! And all time, of course, counts towards any bike shop volunteer hours!

the great event that was bike! bike! southeast!

howdy folks…
I just get back from Louisville & bike! bike! southeast!, a pretty kick-ass event at the brickhouse & put on by the freeweheel collective. (Check them out ifyou’re ever passing thrugh louisville!)
There were quite a few co-ops and community shops represented, including R.U.B.A.R.B. the bike shop in New Orleans that served as part of the model for us! Liz and Matt are pretty awesome and had a lot of good advise on working with kids & youth programs. They started after Katrina in the 9th Ward and are going strong, so boy, did they have some good info.
Is anyone interested in a youth program? I think that is something it would be great if we focused on.

Bike! Bike! is an international annual conference organized by and for not-for-profit bike projects. This year’s is in Aug. in Toronto if anyone is interested! We would love for you to go & share!

Ilearned about basic shop organization and physical space. Anyone interested, please show up at out first community meeting, Tuesday March 30 at 6 pm, place TBA, or Saturday April 3 at Pedaler’s, time TBA.
Check back for more info!

Wish List

General Items

Steel Wool (plain, no soap)
Tubs for sorting, various sizes (think nut & bolts to handlebars)
Printer (please make sure we can find cartridges)
Paper (can have old mess-up printing on the back – recycle!)
Simple Green (or any good solvent)
WD-40 (or equivalent)
Floor cover (used canvas drop cloths)
Paint (any kind, any amount)
Utility Hooks
Dr. Bronner’s plain soap
Tooth brushes
Weekly use of a vacuum cleaner
Rags, Rags, Rags ..
… Weekly use of a washing machine

Bike Items

Patch Kits
Any old parts, pieces, tools, bits

Please keep in mind that we are focused on recycling and sustainability. Thought we appreciate the thought, please do not go to WalMart & buy some plastic tubs for us. We would Love to take the slightly worn tubs crowding your cabinets or basement. Old margarine containers are good, too! In the same vain, please feel free to donate that ½ empty can of WD-40 taking up garage space or the busted bike tubes you’ve been meaning to patch but never have gotten around to. Send us your well-used junk. We like to think of ourselves as a bicycle & alchemy shop.

Please Vote for $5,000 for Cycling in Huntington!

Recycle bikes to be used as alternative form of Transportation.

 Cycle-Recycle of Huntington is not a project but away of life for those of us that love bikes and riding. We plan on holding bike repair classes such as fixing flats, installing bearings in wheels, chain repair an a multitude of other fascits. There will also be cart designs and actualy building of the carts. The carts will be used as trailers for those that would like to ride but need portablity. Along with these classes we will hold social activities and rides and work with local buisness and organizations, spend local, while thinking global. Also, we will encourage our youth to pass on the knowlege of how to be green freindly one pedal at a time!

**** long onto facebook and search Pedaler’s Paradise site for a post that will allow you to vote for this idea from facebook without logging into pepsi. We can vote EVERY DAY!!!!!! Please VOTE!!!!! this is $5000 to recycle bikes & get people on the road in Huntington!


laura, adam says hello. things he mises about Laura:

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